12 Great Recipes To Pair With Syrah Or Shiraz

12 Great Recipes To Pair With Syrah Or Shiraz – A selection of chocolate grapes to pair with Larner Reserve Syrah and Cold Haven Late Harvest Viognier.

I was looking for a nut mix recipe for the holidays and came across a “no recipe” recipe for chocolate bark (so easy it’s not actually a recipe, but a little direction to get you going). I have always loved chocolate bark and just saw an article on pairing wine with chocolate, and not just an article like “a dark red wine with dark chocolate” but with a few variations. Then I started thinking about cheese plates and the nut and dried fruit pairings you can make with every wine, and my imagination ran wild. So now I’m putting together some “toss together” ideas for perfect wine and chocolate recipes.

12 Great Recipes To Pair With Syrah Or Shiraz

Generally you want your wine to be as sweet as your chocolate. Dark chocolate seems to make it more forgiving with a big red wine. And sparkling wines capture the festive mood and that mood is more forgiving with couples than anything else. Champagne goes with anything and if it doesn’t, people are unlikely to notice. Bubbles are also happy to handle them.

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Yes, yes, I know it’s not chocolate, it’s made of cocoa butter, sugar and milk. But butter is cool, so you can see how you can pair it with champagne or sparkling wine. Rieslings, or Gewürtraminer also work, as long as they lean towards the sweet side. Try Muscats, a fruit-forward Chardonnay, or a late-harvest white wine.

Look for ports and sherrys and maybe a Pinot Noir. You can actually get away with a lot of red wines as long as they aren’t too dry. A sparkling Moscato also works well.

Big reds like dark chocolate, think Merlot, Cab Sauvignon, Cab Franc, Zinfandel, Syrah or Mourweather. Or take it the sweet route with ribeye or Tony Port. The lighter the chocolate the sweeter the wine should be, so 60% dark chocolate with Ports, 70% dark reds.

The first thing that came to mind for me was bacon. I know…but with dark chocolate and bacon Syrah? day Maybe put some dried cranberries in the wine to bring out the fruit. Do you feel me here?

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Add some dried apricots and orange zest to the white chocolate and serve with Tokji or late harvest white wine.

Cold brews that will change the texture of the chocolate in your mouth (you want it to melt right?).

Of course, in the end, it all depends on personal taste. So make a mix and let people taste it, or just take out the chocolate and let them add the extras on their own! I recommend keeping a nice sparkling wine on the side as a palate cleanser for those who unfortunately make the pairing and need to get the taste out of their mouths!

Put it in a double boiler on low (or like me just a pot of water with a glass cup on top) and stir constantly until it boils.

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Toss it in the fridge (OK, this can be the hardest part this time of year, finding room in the fridge for a sheet pan).

Dark chocolate with dried cranberries, bacon, rosemary and coffee infused finishing salt. White chocolate with dried apricots, orange zest and pistachios, and a bonus dark chocolate with cranberries and pistachios.

We settled on two pairs. We had a bottle of the 2012 Reserve Syrah from Larner Vineyards in Santa Barbara’s Ballard Canyon AVA. Tasting notes for this wine include: “Black fruit, cedar, liquorice, smoked meat and leather with silky tannins.” This Larner Syrah from 2012 is a 4 barrel best Syrah. It spends 36 months on 50% New French oak. There were only 97 cases of this wine.

We opted for a dark chocolate drizzle with dried cranberries, bacon, rosemary and a coffee-infused finishing salt.

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And to go with dessert, a limited release 2013 late harvest Viognier from Chill Paradise Cellars (again Santa Barbara).

Cool Paradise only produces late harvest Viognier in years when conditions are just right. 200 cases of this wine were produced. It was 50% barrel aged for 4 months in 2 year old French Hermitage barrels.

Discover! Choose your favorite wine then choose a compliment or contrasting taste. An easy go is to find the tasting notes for the wine and select the ingredients from that list! Have fun and tell us what amazing combinations you come up with!

Stay up to date on all our posts by following us on Crushed Grape Chronicles. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at So I Love to Eat. And I like to drink. They are both great! But together they can become something unusual. The concept of wine pairing is a very complex and much debated part of food science, so it’s scary that we delve into this arcane and controversial topic.

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While researching this topic, I found many angry comments on other people’s blogs. I almost didn’t write this post but then I remembered that I have my wine cents back. More on that later.

I think the reason food and wine pairings are so controversial and the reason many gourmets argue is that it’s so subjective. Where one person may taste sweet, another may feel savoury. One person may detect tobacco notes, in the next set the person may feel drowsy.

The beauty of this is that – unlike my paper for my college law final – there are no wrong answers. If you like eating bowls of cornflakes with a glass of burgundy, then go ahead, Glen Coco! You don’t listen to anyone.

If there’s magic when you eat and drink two things together, you’re onto a winner. Much like this scene in Ratatouille:

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For a traditional food and wine pairing, this great little infographic I found has some basics. Of course there are exceptions, so remember to only use this as a guide.

But what food goes with great Australian Shiraz? I love shiraz – I’m happy drinking it on its own, but that’s not the idea, is it? I like to drink it when I have steak or if we have some strong, smelly blue cheese.

Saint Paul “The traditional dishes that go with Shiraz are vegetables and meats, especially the former…. It is a true red meat red and is also removed with game like venison. Some say it’s not a wine for cheese but others are fans of hard cheeses like hard cheddar…”

St. Peter Shiraz is the wine I enjoy drinking the most. I always feel confident at the price/area/notes that I’m getting something I know I’ll like. For me I drink it with almost anything. From chicken to beef (although I guess steak – especially beef – is my go-to meat), blue cheese, my own… I had a friend who really enjoyed a cigar with a nice bottle of Shiraz. .

South African Saxenburg 2017 Red Wines🍷🍷🍷, Food & Drinks, Alcoholic Beverages On Carousell

A friend’? Do we need to talk? However, what can you say about food while looking at a good bottle of Shiraz?

Why don’t I drink Shiraz? One thing I don’t drink with it (okay, sometimes I do!) is spicy food. St. Andrews “Nothing interesting to contribute here I’m afraid.” Barbecued eye fillet and chips with St Holt Single Vineyard Sontag Barossa Valley Shiraz ($22, Vintage Cellars). Very satisfied. The other day you forgot to mention the wine – it’s exceptional for the price.

So there you have it, folks. If you’re ever in doubt about what to eat with your bold red, remember the advice of the saints.

What do you eat when you’re stuck in a bottle of Shiraz? Tell us in the comments!

Tips For Pairing Wine With Asian Food

I wasn’t sure about visiting Bali. Even though Mr. Romance has been there before and loved it, I didn’t know what to expect…. while in some cases it might be just right, a winter beef or venison stew in a hearty sauce. A delicate white wine will dominate, and a delicate white fish will taste as lonely as a red Australian Shiraz covered with a wine.

But think creatively, with the international range of foods we now consume and the range of alcohol available, the traditional wine pairing rule can be said to be dicey.

This is not a definitive list of what wine goes with what dish, but rather my encouragement to think outside the box and experiment, match the taste and style of the wine and whether it will enhance the food.

A few years ago, I was working in a wine company. We’ll challenge our customers to name any food, and we’ll suggest a wine to go with it. We played this game successfully for quite some time until someone said “grape”. Game over: We lost.

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